Community of Practice

The CIT ASSIST Community of Practice (CoP) includes representatives of all COPS Office CIT Implementation Cohort agencies. In the CoP members-only Online Resource Center, members gain access to services, resources and guidance from program partners, subject matter experts (SMEs), and each other.

Several Community of Practice members seated and standing greeting one another in a conference room.

CoP members have the opportunity to participate in quarterly virtual meetings where they share insights and experiences, seek assistance from SMEs, report on CIT implementation progress and lessons learned, and receive topic-specific guidance.

This Online Resource Center has a secure members-only platform, serving as a virtual hub for all CIT ASSIST CoP activities throughout the initiative. Once logged in, members will find information, announcements, resources, and member-to-member engagement opportunities. The platform also serves as the launch point for the CoP quarterly virtual meetings and the place where members can request Technical Assistance to support their unique CIT implementation needs.

March 21

1:00-3:00pm ET

Virtual Quarterly CoP Meeting

Interactive Community, Problem Solving Network, Peer to Peer Information Sharing